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HeimVision HM211 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Imagine watching your neighbors get arrested. First, you see the sirens, red and blue, alternating back and forth. Your attention is drawn to your kitchen window, from which you glean a view of your neighbor's home. Two stories, an off-green color, complete with a lovely little porch to welcome visitors on, their house is inauspicious. The visitors this day mean business, though, complete with a German shepherd and gruff glare to boot. You are sipping on your morning coffee. Its too early for this crap.

A knock on the door, here comes your neighbor, answering the officer at the door. She seems a bit puzzled, albeit subdued. Must be too early for her too. They chat for a few minutes in a tense but not particularly concerning conversation. She offers the officer come in. Then, a crash, the window above shatters. The officer jolts back outside, and, peering around the porch, he sees what you are seeing, Mr. Smith -- an nonathletic man -- suddenly running at Olympic-level speed for the small patch of woods behind his house.

No one foresaw this scenario, but, judging by the number of stolen goods in Mr. and Mrs. Smith's garage, there probably should have been something in place to truly make hindsight 20/20. And, maybe there was, and it was the wisdom of someone to install some security cameras like the HeimVision's HM211. I was impressed by the quality and durability of this product and hope to touch on the high-points in this blog with a full review on my video below...

Right out of the box the HeimVision HM211 is equipped with a power supply, Ethernet cable, mounting stencil, wall anchors, mounting screws, and instruction manual. It features 1080p Full HD Video, Two-Way Audio, Floodlight, and Alarm. With the HM211 Camera, you can use a Micro SD card (128 GB max) or cloud recording. It also has night-vision capabilities, and I can attest to the detailed video they provide, even in the pitch black. You can see a sample in my review video on my YouTube channel. It is very well built and able to adapt to lighting indoors or outdoors, as well as survive the elements.

The HM211 is a robust camera individually with a couple fun and useful features. These features include an intercom and a motion detector alarm. My favorite alert alarm was definitely the dog bark (though I doubt it would be mistaken for a pitbull). My dog went insane when they heard the camera barking at them! The intercom really impressed me with the quality it delivered through my phone. In addition, they are compatible with Amazon Alexa, although I did not have the opportunity to test this capability.

All in all, I was impressed with quality of all the cameras and feel confident in their ability to surveil my home. HeimVision definitely puts care into their products, and that was very evident to their overall quality and value. If you are interested in a full fledged Wireless Security Camera System be sure to check out my review of the HeimVision HM241 here.


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