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Janico 2008 Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser Review

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Today we will be looking at the Janico 2008 Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser. This dispenser is wall mounted and has a push down lever for the roll. It comes in the color black and is made of high impact plastic. The dimensions are 11" x 9.5" x 13". Each unit includes a set of keys, and the proper mounting hardware. Paper towels are sold separately. Janico is a brand on Amazon that sells a wide variety of janitorial equipment and supplies.

Product Features:

  • FITMENT - Compatible with 8" standard commercial paper towel roll

  • EASY TO USE - Lever is located on the side of paper towel dispenser which makes it easy to push down

  • DURABLE - Break resistant plastic construction, Heavy duty lock guards against pilferage

  • TRANSPARENT - Easily monitor paper supply without having to more the front cover

  • MODERN - Stylish compact design makes this paper towel dispenser perfect addition to any restroom

Unboxing & Review Video:

Easy Installation:

After setting up and installing the Janico 2008 I am really impressed. I appreciated that they gave you everything you needed in the box to get it installed. It came with 4 screws, 4 wall anchors, and 4 washers. I can tell they put thought into designing this unit with all the options on the back for mounting. Installation was not hard at all. Honestly, it would have been nice to have another person around to hold the unit up while I was drilling but it is not necessary. If I can do it by myself you can too! Here is the kit that came with my unit:

Commercial Use:

With the Janico commercial paper towel dispenser, your restaurant or office restroom will be complete. A paper towel dispenser unit should be wall mounted near a sink for customer’s convenience and close to a trash can. The easy to use lever roll located on the side makes it possible for the customer to have a perfectly cut paper towel dispensed every time. Janico's sleek and modern design will complement any restroom. The translucent black design allows employees to tell when its time to change rolls.

Residential Use:

The Janico commercial paper towel dispenser is the perfect addition to any garage. Say goodbye to greasy & dirty hands! You will now have a simple and easy to use paper towel dispenser at your disposal when working on you car, motorcycle, lawnmower etc. Take a look at it installed in my garage!

Paper towels have so many uses that you can get really creative in your applications for this dispenser. According to Janico, they have seen their customers use this paper towel dispenser at "restaurants, schools, colleges, air ports, stadiums, race tracks, hotels, offices and at home".

Whether you are a business owner looking to install a paper towel dispenser in a bathroom or a home owner looking to install some paper towels in your garage, be sure to check out the Janico 2008 and don't forget to buy paper towels too! :)


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