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MacPaw CleanMyMac X Review

MacPaw continues to deliver quality products with their latest Mac cleaning software, CleanMyMac X. While cleaning the dishes or our homes may be a given, cleaning our computers is a different (and oft overlooked) reality. Any operating system will slow down as time passes, and running out of space on your system's storage can also be a headache. While tackling these factors head-on, the CleanMyMac X software also includes Malware Removal and Privacy features. If you are wanting to skip this article altogether and dive right in, feel free to click here for a direct download.

Overall, the app is rapid in its scanning, and the results leave for better performance. When I tried it on an old MacBook from 2012 that was super bloated, the end result left me amazed at the difference in speed. Further, the Smart Scan only took about 20 minutes to complete.

The features within the software are listed within five categories: Cleanup, Protection, Speed, Applications, and Files. Many of the features are fairly self-explanatory in what they do (for instance, within Cleanup you will find System Junk, Photo Junk, Mail Attachments, iTunes Junk, and Trash Bins). These features will seek out temporary files and clear them out, saving a surprising amount of disc space along the way.

Within Protection, you have Malware Removal and Privacy. The Malware Remover functions well, but if you have deliberately sought to destroy your system with every malicious code you can find, you might consider bringing in some heavier duty malware software emphasizing its focus solely on malware removal. The anti-malware capacities of this software should work fine for the casual user who does not regularly seek out the seedy side of the web. Privacy is an interesting feature if you are concerned with removing browsing history, autofill forms, and other internet information like cookies. It may be your preference to keep some of these things, and part of the beauty of this program is that you can select from a list to chose what to remove and what to keep.

Within the Speed section, Optimization is great for identifying background apps that are unnecessarily wasting your computer's resources and selectively stopping these programs from running. The Maintenance feature includes scripts that improve the effectiveness of how your disk runs apps. Considering I just did the Smart Scan (which just includes all the features) and my computer ran swimmingly afterwards, I assume this scripting is valuable in its improving performance.

A couple worthwhile features reside in the Applications section. The Uninstaller is fantastic, thoroughly uninstalling unused apps. It will even point out apps that you no longer utilize. The Updater ensures all apps stay up to date. While not listed in the above pictures, the latest version of CleanMyMac X also includes the Extensions feature, giving you a place to manage all plugins.

After all these features, we make it to the Large and Old Files feature. This identifies especially large and old files, reminding you of the cost in space they take up and giving you to option to get rid of them. Finally, perhaps the most impressive feature, the Shredder removes all traces of old files that might remain on your hard drive until the part of the drive they took up is overwritten, allowing you to destroy any sensitive information (or pesky Ninja Turtles).

Being able to cleanup about 26GB, this software was great for me. You can download the free version here or the paid version here. The free version does not allow for a lot of cleaning, but it is great for getting a feel for the app to make sure it is right for you. Check out my video review for more information!


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