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PIQO - The Best & Smallest Portable Smart Projector

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

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Piqo is the worldwide innovator in portable smart projector technology. Measuring in at 2 inches tall, Piqo offers a breathtaking 240-inch 1080p HD projection, Hi-Fi speakers, Bluetooth pairing, offline storage, and 5 hours of video playback time. It is easy to see why over 3,000 backers on Indiegogo want to bring media to life like never before!

Piqo offers a variety of connectivity and technical prowess. Here are some of the key features that set it apart from the competition:

  • Ultra Portable - 2.25in x 2.25in x 2.25in size.

  • Full HD - 1080p / 240 inch / 200 lumen display.

  • Smart Projector - Android OS means access to thousands of apps anytime, anywhere.

  • Long Battery Life - Over 5-hour of playback time.

  • Light Weight - Weights less than 8oz.

  • Fast Charging - Get 1 hour of playback time with 15 minutes of charging.

  • Hi-Fi Speakers - Theater quality sound right in your pocket.

I have to say this pocket-sized projector is very well designed. You see all the time and effort spent on its intuitively designed touchscreen controls. Simply tap 1 of 5 icons or drag your finger around the central touch area to navigate with ease. Couple that with the fact that you can cast anything from your device onto its screen and you have created an incredible user experience. Whether using WiFi or Bluetooth, what you cast can be instantly enjoyed by all your friends and family!

The Piqo smart projector is perfectly suited for both work and play. Invite your friends over to watch the big game or take it to work for your next big presentation. With wireless pairing and Bluetooth 5.0 say goodbye to lag and delay!

In conclusion, there has never been a projector like Piqo. With a long lasting battery, stunning screen resolution, massive size, and a list of features unheard of in the industry, Piqo has sent the new standard in mobile entertainment. Start projecting your life today. If you are interested in more information or to order a Piqo please visit their website here!


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